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A whole range of online Flash games about African countries, capitals, regions, rivers, surrounding seas / bays.

Africa: Games, Puzzles, Quizzes, Trivia. Links to other sites containing these things.

Games played in Africa (not computer games) and other information

on line map game, middle east and north africa countries, drag the name of the country to correct location

The transaid challenge
International development agency Transaid has launched an online computer game aimed at raising awareness of the transport challenges faced by health workers in Africa. ‘The Transaid Challenge’ puts the player in the driving seat of a four wheel drive health service vehicle, charged with the task of delivering services and supplies to remote African villages that need them. You can play the game on line, it requires a Flash plugin.

word vision - includes two flash games - "play the treasurer" and "our neighbours children" - not really games just Q&A plus moralising. FAQ their goal is to persuade australia to give 0.7% GNI to developing nations - it's currently 0.28% - countries currently providing 0.7% are Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Luxembourg

"From the UN World Food Programme (WFP), the world’s largest humanitarian
agency, Food Force is an educational video game telling the story of a
hunger crisis ..

Comprised of 6 mini-games or “missions”, the game takes young players
from an initial crisis assessment through to delivery and distribution of
food aid, with each sequential mission addressing a particular aspect of
this challenging process.

The various Food Force missions demonstrate and help explain the
following hunger learning themes:

What is hunger and who are the hungry?
Why are people hungry and malnourished?
What can we do to help end hunger?

Together, the missions provide an overview of how food aid is used in
both emergencies and long-term development projects. We therefore suggest
playing the game straight through from beginning to end, which takes
about half an hour."

It’s a role playing simulation that puts students in the position of the UN Commander in Rwanda just before the genocide. The game’s creator uses actual picture, video and sound files from the period to add authenticity. The simulation is simple to play (compared to others I’ve used) but also very engaging, challenging and open-ended. At the end of the simulation students can compare their decisions to those made by the actual UN commander.

The simulation is web based, so it can be played on any computer platform. That’s is a big plus for schools using Mac’s.

board game, click on the country name and you are supplied with information - its just click and then read facts - no real game play

geography game: Africa - a plane flies across a map of Africa - you are given the name of a country and have to click on the blank map to guess the country correctly - you get points for correct and incorrect guesses

Games: Africa Puzzle by Chris Hoges - You start with a map of Africa showing the country names - then when you click a button some of the countries are removed from the map and you have to put them back correctly

There are 5 levels of difficulty: variables are the number of countries removed from the map, whether the names are shown on the countries or not and whether a template showing the borders of the countries is shown or not
easiest - names shown, template shown, only a few countries (about 9) removed from map
easy - names shown, template shown, more countries (about 30) removed from map
medium - names shown, template shown, all countries removed from map
hard - names shown, template does not show country borders, all countries removed from map
hardest - names hidden, template does not show country borders, all countries removed from map
The screenshot show an easiest level game: names shown, template shown, only a few countries removed from the map

I really like this game because the different levels allow you to gradually learn the names, shape and location of the countries.

African jigsaw puzzle - you drag the country shape to the correct place on the map - you only get to see the country name when you click on the shape

National Geographic GeoSpy Geography Game (For Kids) - correctly identify the 53 countries of Africa