The African percentage of world poverty
1970: 11%; 2000: 35%; 2015: 68%;

Africa, the Game


"Africa is too large and diverse for generalizations. It has fifty-four nations, five time zones, at least seven climates, more than 800 million people and, according to the latest diligent research, maybe 14 million proverbs. South Africa and Burkina Faso have as much in common as Spain and Uzbekistan. And yet people do generalize; Africa has become the continent of moral concern"
- http://www.granta.com/back-issues/92?usca_p=t


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25 November (Bill): Improved version 1_1 of Africa map game is released. Download, play and please post feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

1 November (Mitch): The name game now has a prototype with every country and working hint system. Any feedback and suggestions are encouraged and can be made on the project page.

12 October (Bill): Ongoing genocide in Darfur region of Sudan: "The Sudanese Government is blocking the deployment of a 22,000-strong UN peacekeeping force to take over from the under-resourced and inadequate African Union force." Links page.

11 October (Bill): Mitch has finished name game.

3 October (Bill): I used this wiki as an example of "eat your own dog" in my presentation about teaching programming to the Cairns ACEC Conference.

I am looking for people to help me make an educational computer game about Africa.

With the recent arrival of many African refugees in Australia this project could have a topical, humanitarian and political significance. It could also be fun. One of my goals at the outset is to do this as part of a group.

You may not be a programmer but can still help at the generation of ideas, design, sprites, music selection, testing and evaluation stages. If you are a programmer then you can either help me program it in Game Maker or consider another implementation in your preferred language.

FEEL FREE TO JOIN AND EDIT ANY OF THESE PAGES. I f you are not familiar with wikis there is a history roll back mechanism, so don't be afraid of permanently destroying anything.

Bill Kerr
skype: billkerr2006