I'm new to managing wikis so I have some questions:

4) To subscribe to RSS feed, look for the details link at the top of the page: details > notify me > click on RSS or Atom button > subscribe to URL of RSS page

3) http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers
This is the address for Wikispaces for K-12 education use that is completely free, and free of advertising. You have to know about this, it is not available from their main page.

2) Through the TALO list I've just found out that (James Byers, one of the founders of Wikispaces, has posted to the which wiki? thread) wikispaces offers ad free educational spaces. I've written to help@wikispaces.com requesting that the ads be removed from this site.

update: 20thApr. Thanks to Adam from Wikispaces for processing my request to remove google ads from this site, within one day of request Bill

1) I received mail from Roland and Tony requesting membership. The mail contained a wikispaces link which I clicked on and their membership was approved. So far, so good.

However, when I go into Manage Space > Members and Permission, I have 3 other Pending Membership Requests (Leigh, Terry, Georgia) listed which are "Awaiting user approval" but I don't know how to approve them!? I didn't receive an email from these three and there is nothing in the interface which allows me to approve that I can see.

Bill. I don't recall seeking to gain membership to the site previoulsy. I did recenlty accept you membership inivitation. My guess is that this was what you could see and it was waiting for me to accept? terry 26 Aprl

How come I received an email from Roland and Tony but not from Leigh, Terry, Georgia?