Version 1:

A finished prototype, contains the core data which shouldn't need any more changes. Additional feedback will soon be added, and any suggestions for this feedback or other changes/additions are encouraged and can be made below. (Mitch November 1)

  • for each correct answer some stats about the country pop up, eg. population, language, cultural and religious groups(originally suggested by Lindsay in May 2006)
  • in the map game, this idea might be better as a tooltip, when you hover over an unplaced country, you get information pulled from an array which might help you place the country like "home of the foreign legion" or "previously known as Uganda", this would greatly enhance it as an educational game, at the moment its just shape and map recognition. Get the class to think of hints for the array. Multiple hints per country pulled randomly (Tony 1 Nov 06)
* find an "interesting fact" about each country that also appears (Bill Oct 31)
  • visual reward, eg. the country appears on a map (Bill Oct 31)

Version 0.6a
This version fixes a bug in the hints that was caused by the extra lines, but otherwise is unchanged. (Mitch September 29)

Version 0.6:
This version has the name of every country in it. To fix a problem with some of the longer names, there is a new line for each word in the country name. The only things needed are finishing touches, as most main things should be done and bug-free. (Mitch August 30)

Version 0.5:
This version now has the same click and drag system as used in the map game, instead of using the collision method which didn't work well. Depth is done in a different way, as all of the letters have the same sprite, so it is based on which was moved last. A problem with apostrophes was fixed, and the number of correct and total letters are shown for debugging. All of the code has been made easier to read by Bill, and objects have been given names that are easier to recognise. (Mitch June 11)

Here's an alternative way to generate mixed up names of the african countries. Thanks to Tony for help with the for loop to generate unique numbers. Unfortunately lists are only available in the registered version of game maker and I'm trying to do all this in the unregistered version to make it more accessible. Mitch's scramble4.gm6 is far more advanced than this sample but I suspect this way of doing it might be more flexible and require less code but I'm not certain about this. (Bill June11)

Version 0.4:
This version has a message showing how long it took you to complete the word, a hint button which you can click on twice (for now), and a restart button which gives you a new word. The system to stop multiple selections has been fixed, as there was a problem with letters already in place. (Mitch 31 May)

Version 0.3:
This version has names of some African countries now, and automaticallly sets spaces and apostrophes to their correct positions. A collision system is used to stop multiple selections. (Mitch 31 May)

Version 0.2:

This version assigns letters to objects and scrambles the objects, and has a congratulation message when you drag all of the letters to their correct positions. The letters are all in the final jumble using this method, and it provides a good way for the player to unscramble it, as they can drag the objects around to test different combinations. (Mitch 16 May)

suggestions for next steps in the name game:
  • after the "you win" pop up a score appears
  • provide a clue, such as correct first letter, if it is not guessed correctly in xx seconds or xx left mouse presses
  • names of african countries scroll across the screen at the start, in an easier level (Bill May29)

Version 0.1:
Here's a version of the name game that picks a random word and scrambles the letters. However, it still needs some work to eliminate the duplication of selection of some letters, so there are missing letters in the final jumble. (Bill 13th May)

a minigame to help learning the names of the countries, using scrambled words and/or a memory game where you match the names to the countries (Mitch 25Apr)

rough plan for randomising the names of countries: (Bill 26Apr)
  1. pick a name out of an array, names[]
  2. parse the letters, store in a new array letters[]
  3. randomly pick letters from the new array, avoid picking the same letter twice
  4. display letters in random order on screen
  5. invite a guess for country name
  6. provide clues if guess incorrect, eg. first letter clue
  7. if answer correct, increase score
  8. if answer incorrect display correct answer after suitable time has elapsed

this one could be used as a starting point for some, not all, of the techniques - you input parts of speech then the program randomises and outputs one adjective or one noun, etc.